Robert Downey Jr Can Walk Where He Pleases

As everyone already knows, probably, Robert Downey Jr walked out of an interview when pressed with blunt questions concerning his unfortunate past. I have read reaction from friends and others, which appear to go vary: Some think Downey Jr did the right thing by walking, some say he should have taken that opportunity to address the issues, some believe he should answer whatever questions are thrown at him. As everyone else seems to have a public opinion, here is mine:

First off, he was supposed to be participating in that interview as a routine promotion for an upcoming film – you all know what film, but that does not matter. Having composed interviews for local and B-list celebrities myself, even I know that this moment (the interview) is just part of their contract to plug a film, and not your personal time to gush, accuse, or embarrass them. Sitting down with a public figure with the intention to eliciting the skeletons in their closet demands giving them prior notice, and they have to agree to it. Otherwise, it is really nothing more than a surprise attack. I found it very unprofessional of the reporter, who is clearly trying to make a name for himself (which unfortunately he is getting what he wants), to turn a typical slot into a game of Wake the Dead (see The Addams Family). Furthermore, I feel it down-right STUPID of the interviewer to refer to an answer Robert Downey Jr gave to a question asked 7 years ago. Think of anyone you have known for 7 years, and ask yourself what your opinion was of them 7 years ago versus today. It will either have changed, for better or worse if even in the slightest way, or you won’t recall clearly. It’s called being human; Get used to it, because you’ll always be one.

Despite popular belief, celebrities are people like anyone, no better or worse. This means that A) Downey Jr is capable of mistakes and changing his mind, and B) He does not owe anything to anyone who is making him feel uncomfortable. When I am asked uncomfortable questions and the person refuses to let up, I have walked away to. I am not obligate to explain to anyone something they do not want to understand or care about. And, I would tell anyone who does the same that they were well within their human rights.

In short: It was a sour moment for someone, and I think they had every right to change the environment, which in this case meant walking away.


Do not mix.

So, how is this for luck.  I was blessed with a head cold after posing for wedding photos outside in the middle of March.  I never get head colds, and it was honestly kind of a foreign feeling for me; I was not sure how to process or care of it.  While in the final stages of a two week battle with this head cold, I was fortunate enough to contract food poisoning – my first time.  If you have never had food poisoning, I imagine it’s like becoming a vampire: your body slowly dies.  Mix this with a cold and you’ve got something like a flu.  Suffice to say, I was away from my writing projects for about 3 weeks.  I just yesterday picked them back up.  Feels good to be working again.

Deconstructing It – pt.1

Do people still believe money is the root of all evil?  I hear the phrase thrown around every now and then, but not often.  Someone said it to me earlier today, but I don’t know if they believed it or if it is simply hardwired into their mind now.  At any length, I do not agree; I never agreed.  Ego is the root of all evil.  Ultimately people – most people – want control.  It is not enough to control their own life, they want underlings to act as agents of their will.  Money buys that kind of control which allows nothing to exceed your reach, not even other people.  But why would anyone want this level of control?  For what purpose does it serve?  The meaning is to feed the individual’s ego, their self-delusion that they are on top and insurmountable.  If that Ego was dropped and the individual abandoned the desire to be better than all the other individuals, there would be no need for the excessive moneylust, and subsequently the evils done to satisfy it.

There is no real point to this blog entry.  I just get fixated on phrases and break them down.