Companion entry for “Story by Tarot”

My flash piece “Story by Tarot” is meant as an aperitif to a projected novella. Which will probably end up keeping the name. It has a paint by numbers reflection which I find amusing.

Like any writer trying to improve and reinforce their craft, I have a regular workshop I attend. If you are a writer reading this and you don’t have one, you are a fool. Anyway, I was up for submission and wanted to come up with something fresh on the spot. The previous evening I was performing a quick Tarot reading on myself, and afterwards I flipped over three random cards. There is an opinion that Tarot only reveals what the subject (the person asking the question) already knows or wants, and all the cards really do is justify the decision to pursue one course over another. In effect, you are applying your own message to the overturned cards. I was attempting to see if what I had gleaned from the reading could have been observed in any random cards. This image came back to me while trying to construct a new flash piece. I immediately believed I could easily stretch out the story outlining itself in my head into a novella. But decided to just the crux of it written down as like a seed to the story – something I’ve been doing a lot lately: seeding.

“Story by Tarot” is about two aspiring writers looking an easy way out of ingenuity in their craft. Though, one character does it harmlessly while the other does it harmfully, in very light terms. At this point, I have not given the background enough thought to say if I will try to weave in the Fool’s Journey to the story, or consider other story arcs the Major Arcana are proposed to tell. There is also no present projected time of when this novella will be completed.


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