Green Alchemist

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged. So long that I did not even go check when the last entry was made, because it doesn’t matter; it was too long ago. I guess first thing should be an update on the short story collection:

The collection is coming along, although much slower than I hoped. A few months ago I left the workshop group I’d been with for nearly two years. With everything that was, and still is, going on in life, it was becoming a struggle to get through everyone’s stuff. Even more taxing was getting around to editing my own work. The group did wonders for me creatively, as it forced me to produce new material and refine my literary skills – all of which are probably not noticeable here – but nothing was getting polished and ready for print. So, I left with the aim to spend the time devoted to rewriting and re-rewriting the selection I picked to put in the collection. The short and flash collection is still being called “Not Accounted For” at the moment. A few other possible titles have surfaced in my mind, but that is simply not the most pressing concern now. The ETA has been pushed back. I was hoping to have this ready by this summer. Presently, we are looking, at best, winter of 2016. However, there is a wrench in the works…

I could devote a disparate and intensely darker blog solely to my day job. To skip to the end: It simply won’t do anymore. The amount of frustration accumulated from my place of business is not equal to the benefits, and certainly outweighs my patients and tolerance. Searching for a new job is in itself a full time job (or at least a part-time one). I feel like my time is stretched as thin as it will spread, which is the primary reason for not blogging lately.

What am I reading? In between the latest issues of Invader Zim and Karnak, and assorted other comic books, I think the last book I finished was a collection of shorts by Irvine Welsh. I feel like there was another novel in there, but it slims my mind. I was trying to read a book of essays by David Foster Wallace simultaneously with the Welsh material, but talk about a mind fuck. Not necessarily either one of them separately, but trying to balance those two geniuses, I’m just not that good. So after reaching the end of the shorts, I read a couple of graphic novels for the ease of it. I reread “Civil War” before the movie came out. I haven’t read that since it was first published, in 2006 or 2007 (I think). Currently I am reading “” by UK Author Dane Cobain. It is very good so far, and keeps me invested. Nothing is worse for a book than having the reader feel like getting to the end is a chore; as if there is a reward for making it to the finish line. “” is definitely not like that. I don’t like the phrase “it’s a page-turner,” but that would fit here, for want of better one. When each chapter ends, I genuinely want to know what happens next.

I got an Absinthe pipe for my birthday, so now I’m a green alchemist. Seriously, it looks magical when mixing the spirit, sugar and water together.

My current opinion on the world: Yup, it’s still there. I rarely have time to read the news anymore (Thanks, work), ergo I feel like my perspective on current events is highly obstructed. If that makes any sense.

Let’s do this again soon.