Vhroom-Vhroom Car

There is always a complaint; there is always an excuse for why I’m not substantially further along in the process of rewriting my short story collection. And here is another one: car troubles. I started writing a long, whinny paragraph about brake pads, rotors, emissions test and plate stickers, but deleted it. What matters is it’s all done, for now. Hopefully I can get back on a more routine schedule, as far as writing goes.

Quite honestly though, the recent car troubles have been the only thing in my life to share. The only thing I willing to share, at least. What disappoints me the most is that my creativity smothers-out in the face of external frustration. When I am sitting in a three hour line, several week days in a row, trying to get my emissions test, I don’t use that time effectively; my mind won’t have it for some reason. Maybe because I’m hardwired to be alert of my surroundings while operating a vehicle, I can’t shift out of that mode even when parked – no seriously, I put my car in park – on Ashland for an hour. Essentially, driving time is creative time lost. And don’t fool yourself, when the self-driving car is commercially available/affordable, be sure I will still be compulsively looking around for pedestrians and cars gone wild. If anyone has tips on how to relax in the car, and get creative while on longer trips, please let me know.