Yes, there is a commet, and yes, it’s going to hit Springfield

Another era comes to its end, as all must eventually. I received an email from Examiner, reading that it would be closing down operations as of July 10th. Effectively immediately, they stopped accepting submissions from all contributors – at least that is what they claim. While this might all sound like unimportant nonsense to you, it matters something a bit more to me. I have been publishing articles and reviews on Examiner since 2011. Examiner was a platform for me to shout out my little ‘ole opinion of what is probably my favorite variety of artistic expression: Film. More than just a personal blog that I would have to tirelessly promote myself to get even a few readers – Hey, just like WordPress now – it was a self-propelling site that brought readers to me. When I applied for Examiner, and subsequently was accepted less than an hour later, I assumed it was site anyone could write on. And though there were plenty of untalented whiners who had no right to be there, I found out later there was in fact a selection process. A friend of mine applied just after I did, but they were rejected by Examiner. At first, the quality of the site was embarrassing; not that I could have made it look better, but I was not trying to start a nationwide, multipurpose news site. However, the Editors and such in charge was exceptionally nice and helpful. That first year, they even managed to get press credentials for the Chicago International Film Festival, where I could watch screeners in private booths, interview Directors, and get into premiers. After a few years, I felt confident and informed enough to reach out to press site for myself. There are many stories I can tell, about which films I got into, whom I’ve interviewed (or almost interviewed), and some arguments between the new Examiner owners (whatever their titles were) and I. But, the point of it all being I could talk my way into almost anything, and the times I was tested by incoming editors, or whatever, I passed every time. You cannot talk your way into the future of something when the road has ended though. And that is where I stand now, the dead air beyond the rocky road.

I kind of forgot the endgame of all this. Part of the purpose of this blog though is to let my mind wander on virtual paper anyway.

There is another long rant in my head, but that will be for a different time. For now, I’ll just have to keep on watching movies and writing reviews that will probably go no further than my own website. Maybe that’s enough.